Hi, I'm Sydney, I get it.


Being single is challenging. Finding the right partner and then winning them over is really hard. 

I ended up feeling frustrated and wondering what kept going wrong.

After a few not so great dating adventures I thought my "picker" was defective. (It wasn't, it just needed to be fine tuned.)

What I Discovered Changed Everything 

You can have that awesome relationship you always dreamed of.  But first you need to realize something about you and something about men that not everyone knows.

You see happy couples and you think "OH I'm missing out on so much. I just have to find someone for me before I am too old or they are all gone or whatever."

I get it. But the most important thing to remember is, don't panic and take the first guy that comes by with a paycheck, a car and some sweet talk.

You are better than that and you deserve the best. Don't settle for second best.

You want to have the right relationship with the right guy and the right outcome. That's what we all want. But first there are some simple things we have to figure out before we can make that happen. 

I thought I knew how to win a man's heart  And it worked right up until the chump broke up with me in a text. 

 It wasn't all bad. He really wasn't the guy I wanted but I figured he would be okay. Actually, I was the chump for "settling" for him.

The next week I was visiting my mom telling her my sad story. Her close friend Janet was there at the same time. She asked me what I had done to win him over before he disappeared. 

I swallowed my pride and even with my mom there I shared too many details... I still don't know why but I felt I could trust her. But I wasn't ready when she started to laugh!   I was stunned.

She said she was sorry for laughing but I was telling her story with minor variations. I said to her, "how sad for you" I wanted to slap her. Then I got up to leave.

Janet said she was sorry for laughing. She sternly told me to sit back down and hear the rest of the story as it could help me.

I grudgingly sat back down while she began to tell me that after her divorce she said she struggled with meeting men that she really liked but after a little while they just pulled away... One after another.

But she said all that changed after she learned relationship secrets from a lady named Amy North . She gave me a couple of details but told me I had learn more from the relationship expert herself.

Amy North knows her stuff. I think you could say she is a master manipulator of men. She has taken the tricks she uses and created  The Devotion System.

I got her program and tried out what I learned. When I put it to work the very next day I was amazed at the reaction I could get from any man I chose.  

The good part is it cost me less than what I had to pay for my dinner when  my date "let" me pay for mine! I had to laugh at what I had been doing in the past. Her methods are so simple but work like a dream come true.

Now I have a great guy that I chose and he treats me royally.  We are even starting to talk about our future together.

You deserve to have that forever relationship with the man of your dreams who treats you like royalty.