You had something beautiful going with your ex and you know that the two of you are perfect for each other.

It's worth taking one more shot.

Romance like this doesn't happen every day... It’s worth fighting for. 

Take a chance on getting back together.  It could change both of your lives forever - why not give love another try?

If you want to jump ahead to watch a video and see what some people are calling the “one last shot formula,” then Click Here.

Otherwise, stay with me and I will explain.

If you want your ex back consider this...

What’s the one thing that will get in your way when you try to rekindle things with an ex?     

What’s getting in the way?

The biggest obstacle is getting past his "emotional walls". This isn't surprising.  Your history proves there's plenty of chemistry between you two already!

You see, the challenge is not getting him love you again. That’s not the real problem.

The real problem is...

He's not even considering it in the first place. His mind is shut to  to the possibility. And there is a good chance he won’t even let you know.


He has already decided not to give you a chance.

That’s the resistance. It's the "emotional wall" you have to get thru.

What If it's not really a wall but the illusion of a wall? How different is it if its just a barrier you can get around you want once you know the secret?

That would give you a way better chance of restoring his love, wouldn’t it?

I said the biggest challenge was he has already decided not to give you a chance. The important word is “decided.”

But there is an odd thing about the way we make decisions. It doesn't start with a decision.

Decisions are just comes out at the end!

Decisions come at the end of a kind of mental calculation.

If decisions came at the beginning of a mental calculation life would be different... but they don't.

This may sound confusing but hang with me and it will all make sense.

That is why you have little chance to change someone’s mind by challenging the decision directly.

Recall the last time you saw a person trying to get someone to change their mind.

If they attacked the decision itself, they undoubtedly failed and the other persons decision didn't change.

So what should you do to solve that problem.

Decisions can change in a flash. They are not set in stone.

They are dynamic, always changing as new information updates his mental picture of the future.

Scientists have mad e so pretty interesting discoveries recently about us. When we are relaxed, our minds tend to drift towards the future, not the past so much.

We occasionally think of the past. We occasionally focus on the present. But 81% of the time our minds are imagining our future.

Predicting our future is something we do without even realizing it.

That’s where you will find your opening to take your one last best  shot at resparking the romance with the guy who has shut you out.

We make complex mental images of our future. And we do it all the time.

When you are not consciously focused on something, there’s a better than good chance your mind is creating a vision of your future.

 Your mind looks for the best routes that will lead you to filfilment and happiness. 

This is good news to get your ex back... Heres why.

You can alter what a guy feels when he envisions you in his life again.

James Bauer says it's the "movie trailer method".

There is a step-by-step method for influencing the “movie ” that's playing in his head when he sees your name appear on his phone, or he sees you in his Facebook feed, or even when he sees a car that looks like yours.

You can become the someone he envisions himself with.

Start small, if you can change the dominant emotions he connects with you. You can become the someone he sees himself with.

In his mind, he’s no longer settling past arguments with you. He's experiencing a whole new relationship with you, like the past never existed instead.

So how do you do it?

How can you alter with the movie trailer playing in his head?

That’s the topic James explores in detail, beginning with the very next text message, and ending with proven relationship building  techniques.

But lets just look at on one effective idea for now.

Here it is...

Your success at one last shot requires picking the right target.

Don’t run in intending on fixing the relationship, or forcing him to change his mind, or the proverbial  “giving things another chance.”

Instead, spot the opportunities to alter the primary emotions that enter his imagination whenever thoughts of you pop up in his head.

It's amazing the difference this will make.

The fact is,  his emotions run his show. The usual mistake people make is putting their energy on things that remind him why he is walking away.

Small reminders of things that went sideways back when you two were together.

Don’t make that mistake.

Rather, put all of your attention on only one thing. The primary emotion that comes up each time gets a text from you,  or catches a glance of you  on the street, or hears your voice.

Once you change the emotions he connects with you, his mental movie playing in his head will start to change all by it's self.

When you do that you will surprise yourself. Mountains will move. His emotional walls won’t have a chance of standing. The wall will come tumbling down.

P.S. Another thing about us humans is that we do better when we have a step-by-step guide.

To see how to get your hands on a step-by-step guide for changing how your ex feels about you, click here to get the full explanation from James.


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