Who We Are

Hi I am Sydney. I am glad you are here. Being single is such a mixed bag.  You may end up feeling like you are being left out. 

Or after a few not so great dating experience you may think your "picker" is defective. 

You see happy couples and you think "OH  I am missing out on so much. I just have to find someone for me before I am too old or they are all gone or whatever. 

Then you look at your friend who is in a not so great relationship and you think I will just stay single even though I really do want some to love and love me.

I totally understand but the most important thing to remember is that you shouldn't panic and just take the first guy that comes by with a paycheck, a car and some sweet talk.

You are better than that and you deserve the best.

She and He's whole purpose is to help you with information and tools to improve  your relationship. We want you to have the right relationship with the right guy to have the right outcome.

What you find on this website is all of the best relational tips and techniques that I have found. I can speak from experience that these work.

I do ask that you please use these techniques ethically... You could break a lot of hearts if you don't.

You Go Girl...