She Said, I Can't Believe You  Really Texted Him That! 

What Did You Think Would Happen? 

What Janet Told Me Next You Really Need To Hear

I'll tell you what she said in a moment but, first let me give you a bit of context.

Things had been going really good with a guy I liked a lot. I could see a future for us together. 

One evening I sent him a text and he went silent... So I texted him again and again. 

Finally two long days later he responded... And dumped me!

The next week I was visiting my mom telling her my sad story. Her close friend Janet was there at the same time.

She seemed to care and asked me what I had done to win him over before he disappeared. 

I swallowed my pride and even with my mom there I shared too many details. I still don't know why but I felt I could trust her.

I showed her the texts. But I wasn't ready when she started to laugh!  

 I was stunned.

She said she was sorry laughed but I was telling her story with minor variations. 

I said to her, "how sad for you" I wanted to slap her. Then I got up to leave.

She sternly told me to sit back down as she had something that would help me.

She said listen... There are texts that make a man's heart beat faster and then there are texts like you sent him that make him want to run.

What she said was true so I sat back down as she told me that after her divorce she struggled with meeting men.

When she found one that she really liked, after a little while they just pulled away... One after another.

But she said all that changed after she learned relationship secrets from an expert named James Bauer. 

She told me that after she used a few techniques she learned from James, everything changed.

Janet said if I did what James' program teaches I could have any man I chose.

She told me there was way to much for her to fill me in and I should get the program myself because it's not expensive.

So I got the program by James Bauer called Relationship Rewrite

He really knows his stuff, you will agree when you see all the amazing relational techniques that he has discovered over the years.

When I applied what I learned about "Emotional Triggers" I was amazed at the reaction I could get from any man I chose to use them on. 

I had to laugh at what I had been doing in the past. His methods are so simple but work like a dream come true.

Now I have a great guy that I chose and he treats me royally. I know exactly what to text him to keep him passionately engaged with me.  

We are even starting to talk about our future together.

You deserve to have that forever relationship with the man of your dreams who treats you like royalty.

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